Meet The Admin Team

BGCL admin team is made of members with various skills and professional competency

BGCL admin team is committed to work as per institutions guidance only to protect the league’s integrity and institutions reputation. Individual decisions are not enforced and everything is decided in consultation and agreement with the whole team. All points are discussed as per institutions advice.

Mr Gam Gurung - League Secretary

Gam is responsible to look after day-to-day league’s provisions in order to ensure that it complies with the standards set by the institutions. He ensures to work with other committee members and team captains to ensure that the league is run smoothly. He also ensure to work in partnership with Hampshire Cricket Board, NACC, CCC, Berkshire Cricket Foundation, ECB and MCC Foundation etc to ensure  everything is up-to-date.

He is also a very active cricketer with experience of playing at National, Regional and University level cricket in India (Nashik-Mumbai region). In UK, he has experience in playing at Birmingham University and Leagues, Warwickshire Premier Division, National Village Knockouts and Worcestershire Division 1 league.

Also experienced in managing and organising competitive cricket league and tournaments  back in India in an open competition formats.

Mr SUBASH GURUNG- League Treasurer

He also manages one of the local commercial store in Tongham, Hampshire. Also a very competitive cricketer with experience of playing at a competitive level back in Nepal and domestic leagues in the UK. He has experience playing at Hampshire Cricket League and I’Anson  Cricket League and Cup competitions.

Mr Ramesh gURUNG -Ministry of Defence (MOD) Lead for BGCL Collaboration

Manager, mentor and Ex-captain of Brigade of Gurkhas Cricket Club (BGCC). Also manages and mentor Queen Gurkha Signals Cricket Club (QGSCC) and helps develop young players from the Army. Very competitive and strong batsman with experience of playing cricket at all levels including Army Games.

Mr Bikram Gurung-League's WebMaster

An engineer by profession and a cricketer by passion. Experienced of working in IT sector and in-charge of looking after his own team website in addition to the league’s website. Also experienced in playing at club level cricket in the UK and few Sunday leagues. 

He also works as a committee member organising London’s Super 8 competition. 

Mr Som Gharti Magar - League's SafeGuarding Officer

An  army player, highly experienced in playing  army level games and competitive Saturday league in the UK. 

A fully qualified DBS officer able to coach and assess the risk assessments for young players playing in the league. Also, experienced in IT software tasks, etc. 

Want to make a difference?

With potential to expansion, we constantly look for new voluntary members. If you could commit and spare some time then please get in touch to see if we can accommodate any additional members.

Independent Officials

Independent officials are not formally affiliated with any teams but are assigned voluntary to deal with serious disciplinary issues during a season. Currently, we have 2 officers from Brigade of Gurkhas who have agreed to be on a Disciplinary panel with a NACC representative if needed. A separate appeal board with voluntary members are also available. We hope not to get any serious disciplinary issues during a season as league’s admin team can deal with them at first instance. Independent officials will only be involved if the issues cannot be handled by the league admin team.

Captain Lalkaji Gurung

Captain Chandra Pun

Current independent disciplinary officials