Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the contact us button to message us directly from facebook. You can also contact the admin team by using their details on play cricket about us section. League’s rules and game format are also available in the “More Info” section.

They are all under the games format section where you can find details on league rules and general format, etc. Point wise, Winner gets 2 points, Draw or Abandoned 1 each, Loser 0 points. 

Direct bank transfers is an ideal and fastest way. Please contact us for details.

It depends on the level and nature of offence/unreasonable behaviour committed. Players can be banned for few matches to permanently from the league. 

Teams can be also be banned if they do not fulfil the league commitments and follow the regulations (fines apply, etc.).

It is important to understand a keyword here i.e. “Nepalese” ethnicity. Players who are born at overseas but belongs to “Nepalese” ethnicity can play and register in the league without any restrictions in a season.

Only 2 players from Non-Nepalese ethnicity (such as Srilankan, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, British <Non-Nepalese> etc. are allowed to register during the registration period only. They cannot be changed, added or amended out of the registration period. Only 1 out of them is allowed to play in  playing XI during a match.

Institutions advice is that each league and teams must have their own bank accounts where they can manage individual players fees, expenses, etc.

League should liaise with the Team captains to get the Match fees as a team not individually. This is because admin members cannot commit to many players individually. 

Institutions have advised us to outsource umpires at all stages and have provided contact of the Association of Cricket Umpires. League Admin will try to provide umpires if budget and situation allows. This can affect the match fees.

Usually, the teams pay umpires separately and in addition to individual match fees. 

Match fee usually covers Ground, Match balls, Lunch and Umpires fees. It is subjected go up and down depends on the expenses but captains will be informed in plenty of time. They need to be paid before the matches as depend on the expenses. League secretary and Treasurer need to pay it to umpires, ground management, etc. if invoices issued. Please pay it as a team amount not individually.

Individual match fee is also different for Exhibition Matches.

Teams can forward their nominations during registration period. But, teams participations are by invitation only. This is because it depends on the grounds availabilities against the number of teams appplying.

Decisions will be also made based on players and teams behaviours throughout the season. We can only take forward them who can commit and respect the league.

League Disciplinary code have information on fines and penalties. They are part of league’s constitution and general rules hence please have a look into other documents also.

Yes, it is available in the “More Info” page (not in the drop down menu). 

Enjoy the game and give priority to league’s game because they are not friendly games. It’s strictly advised by the institutions that teams have agreed to play in the league which they have to respect and fulfil to avoid penalties.

Teams are also need to ensure that their scoring is updated on play cricket within 72 hours after the match. It is easy to manage if you use the play cricket app and live scoring at the time of the match. This way your records will be saved automatically in real time. Do not use the hard scorebook if possible.



League members helps in day to day running of the league with the help of institutions and charities as part of the development. They do not commit to individual teams day to day activities.

Teams duties are to ensure they should fulfil all league games and ensure the scoring is updated quickly after the match. League members will not help with the scoring for the teams as it is not possible commitment wise. If you do not update team score then you will be fined. 

Teams also need to manage their playing XI in play cricket prior to match.

Teams are allocated to lunch duties on certain weekends. This is to ensure  everyone gets a chance to arrange lunch and not only one person or team is serving lunch all the time. This is to reduce workload and promote teamwork. 

Disciplinary issues related to an individual and/or teams can be reported to League admin members directly. They will then decide on the penalties, fine, etc.

If it’s a serious issue then it will be forwarded to independent  Disciplinary members and NACC for decision making.

Please see the League’s general format rules for more information. However, if the injured player has already batted and did bowling then the substitute player cannot do them. He or she can only field. 

League also do not follow the head injury concussion rules as it’s only 1 innings per team game (not like test match). In addition, as per league rules, players are mandatory to wear all protective gears when batting. League or ground authorities are not responsible for any injuries occurred if individual players do not wear protective equipment’s as per rules.