The title of event shall be called the British Gorkhali Cricket League (BGCL). At the discretion of the administration team, the League title may be amended to incorporate words or symbols referring to a sponsor or other appropriate body.

For the purpose of this league, the term “Gorkhali” is a generic word to represent cricket players from all part of British Nepalese communities from the UK and Nepal. If a player is from the “Nepalese” ethnic background then they can register and play without any joining restrictions in the league (regardless of their Nationality i.e. British, Nepalese, BNO’s, etc.). Players from other ethnic background than the above mentioned will be classed as overseas players and will be subjected to certain restrictions.


The purpose of the league shall be to act as a foundation to promote British Nepalese cricket players in the UK who already represent or play at the recreational club level games. Involve the young and talented players who also represent various battalions of the Brigade of Gurkhas and already involved in the Inter –services or regimental games.

In particular, the league shall also encourage;

  • Reach out to the British Nepalese community and work in collaboration, support to promote the initiative with likeminded community members.
  • To promote competitive cricket, among the participating members via a fair league and play-off system.
  • To promote, assist and aid in the provision of sports, health, and social facilities to the Nepalese Community in the UK and Nepal.
  • To encourage all British Nepalese players to take part in the league including Midlands and North regions, etc.
  • Continue to work in partnership with the Hampshire Cricket Board (HCB) and National Asian Cricket Council (NACC) in order to provide support and competitive opportunities to the participating members.
  • To provide support to grassroot local clubs by working in-collaboration with them with regard to hiring grounds, working on provisions, welfare, etc.
  • Promote and run the league in the best interest of the league members within the highest standard. Increase community interest and commitment to take part in the league.
  • Create and develop a fair and non-discrimination opportunity to all players and members.
  • All members including the committee or administration team, should adhere and comply with the Eligibility, Participating and all general rules and regulations of the league (Section 12).

2.10 To promote and run the league games in line with the spirit of cricket and laws of MCC. 

2.11 To adopt and implement the ECB’s safe hands – Cricket policy for safeguarding children and any future version of the policy.  

 3. AIMS

  • To help the young and current British Nepalese players in the UK to obtain fair opportunities and chance to take part in more competitive level (Regional or National) of cricket competitions in order to get recognition and to attract the younger generation in Cricket.
  • To form a league representative side from the participating teams, which will represent the league in various competitions and other fixtures, arranged by the Operational Manager.


The annual general meeting of the league shall be held in Dec- Jan of each financial year with team captains and league admin team. In this meeting, the fixtures, account, and general conduct of the league will be discussed. Forecast of Annual Gala Dinner will also be discussed in the meeting in order to find a convenient time after the season. Any other business will also be discuss in this meeting.


Annual Gala Dinner (AGD) shall be held when the league and the general cricket season is finished. This is to allow members still to enjoy remaining cricket season with their own clubs if necessary. During the AGD, the awards will be distributed to the best players and winning teams. Individual fees will apply as per venue, entertainment and meal preferences.


Should team members or captains need to raise any matter and speak to administration team then a meeting can be arranged as soon as possible.


  • Each participating team shall be required to pay the entry fees at the time of registration. All teams need to pay the registration fees before or on the day of deadline. This will cover initial administration costs, affiliation costs, insurance and other fees which may occur for the league. However, everything will be recorded.
  • Entry fees may change subjected to ground and administration costs but will be discussed with the board members on course or during the AGM.
  • Shall the funds need to be use in donation for community or noble causes then this will be discussed with the board members prior to donation.
  • The league will be run on non-profit base, self- sustainable system and all expenses will be discussed in the AGM.
  • Entry fees will cover the preliminary and registration costs of the league. Ground, lunch and match fees will be covered from the ongoing match fees of the individual players which will be taken before the match. This can be transferred to league’s bank account prior to match.
  • Any costs with regard to upcoming participating competitions shall be done by the selected players and their team captain, etc.


All clubs are encouraged to take out insurance to cover their players in all home and away fixtures and to cover the opposition when playing at home. The league will take out a basic insurance on behalf of all the member clubs to cover them against indemnity and any injuries incurred by players on the pitch in all League matches and tournaments.


In the event of the League being dissolved, a final statement of account shall be prepared and agreed upon by the Admin team. Any deficiency will be clear with the help of participating teams if needed. If a surplus is revealed, it shall be given to a charitable organisation, which shall be determined by the Admin team and Chief Advisor at such a time.


The administration team shall have power to fine or penalty any member club on grounds if it sees fit. This also includes the fine/penalties of general league rules and regulations during the match. Some fines are mentioned in the Disciplinary code.


The League Administration team shall have the power to expel any member or club, if in any serious breach of the Constitution or Rules of Play. The motion for expulsion must be supported by the admin members through anonymous voting. “Disciplinary Code” document will reflect the most fine and penalties for the teams and individual members. BGCL will also follow the anti-abuse and anti-bullying policies to cover the disciplinary issues out of the ground which will protect and covers all members including young players. This is also essential to protect our institution reputations.


Any matters related to a particular member who is found to be in breach of league constitution and general rules will be discussed in the league meeting with the Admin team for further actions.

In the event of a team being unable to fill at least half of its fixtures during the league season, its record shall be erased. However, teams and individual players can also be expelled if they are unable to fulfil BGCL’s fixtures and with fines required within the timeline. Teams will be expelled if they fail to fulfil the BGCL fixtures and may not be invited again to play in the league.  

BGCL matches are teams and captain’s first priority over any other conflicting fixtures. This will be strictly observed to protect the integrity and reputation of the affiliated institutions to the BGCL. This is also an essential criteria to be considered for BGCL’s representative side selection.

The BGCL has a Disciplinary code which will cover the fines and penalties for teams and members taking part in the league. This will also applicable to the teams who fails to comply with the lunch duties.

The league now has an independent disciplinary board members who are able to deal with on or off the grounds disciplinary actions. The league’s main admin team will still be the first point of contact to deal with such issues but if they cannot come to a decision then the independent disciplinary committee will be referred for further advice and relevant decisions. If the matter is severe then it will be referred to County Cricket Boards through our institutions.

As part of the constitution, the league will have and follow different policies which can be found as part of constitution or out of constitution.


The League shall affiliate with any organisations as seen fit by the League Administration Team.

Individual teams are also encouraged to obtain affiliations from their relevant county Boards.


Winning and runner-up clubs will be presented with retainable trophies. Trophies / medals will be presented to each of the winning clubs. The batsmen scoring 150 runs or the bowlers taking six (6) wickets in a match will receive higher recognition with special trophies. These individuals awards will be given for both league and cup games. An individual will be limited to one award for batting and bowling respectively. Individual Awards are given at Annual League Dinner Nights only.

The league shall offers no cash prices to the winners, runners up and to the individuals with outstanding performances.


In order to provide fair competition and level of game to all participating teams, each teams must play certain amount of Class A and B categories players in their playing XI squad.

Only 3 players  from the Class A category can take part in a team playing XI. They are as follows;

a. UK club level Premier, Championship and Division 1 player in current or previous season. Basically players who are currently playing or have played last season at Division 1 level and above.

b. Former Under 19 and Senior Nepal national players.

c. Senior National Team players who have had at least 3 years gap after retirement.

c. Former or Current Province/ State/Regional level under 19 or Senior level National players who have taken part in the Nepal National Competition. 

d. Franchise or corporate owned  contracted team players .

e. Overseas players, only if  they meet the eligibility rules in the Annex A. 

(Note that background checks of the Category A players will checked against the National database through cricket boards and play cricket softwares, etc. throughout the season)

Rest of the team playing XI should be made up of players who do not falls under the Class A category players and hence classes under Category B players. 

 Section 14 of BGCL Constitution is critical to balance playing side in the league to provide equal opportunities to all participating teams including army team players who travels from all parts of the UK. Therefore, it is encouraged all teams to follow Section 14 of BGCL constitution strictly. Any breaches to this will cause 2 match points fine per match and an immediate suspension from the BGCL for foreseeable future. Under Section 14, BGCL has powers to recommend teams with strong aspirations and players to join other league in the UK to whom League Management Committee can heartily write the recommendation letter if needed.


Annex A – Eligibility and Participating rules for the teams.

Annex A – BGCL Eligibility and Participating rules for the teams
  1. BGCL is open for teams formed of Cricket players from the British Nepalese community only. No professional players* are allowed to take part in the league unless for guest appearance, exhibition matches or players mentoring.
  1. The teams previously taken part in the league shall be given first priority for registration. They will be already included considering last year participation. Nominations of new teams shall be by invitation only and in discretion of administration team depending on the ground availabilities and playing history. 
  2. No teams and/or Players are receiving either direct or indirect payment from their club administration. This could be in form of direct payment to teams or the players, or any other forms of compensation to damage the integrity of the other teams and to prevent any unfair advantage. 
  1. Each teams should submit a full SQUAD of minimum of 14 and maximum of 20 players during registration period. Separate individual joining fee may be applicable for new players.
  1. Each teams must have a nominated Captain and a Team manager (if applicable).
  1. Team registration will be close at an allocate deadline date, after which no further registration will be taken. A complete list of your squad must be submitted before or on deadline date.
  2. Teams are required to pay the Entry fee on or before deadline date with full squad list.

    Should a team like to invite the non- British Nepalese players (as an overseas player) then they are welcome to join, but they are subjected to following rules;

    – A team can only register up to TWO non – British Nepalese players (other than Ethnic background- Nepalese) , But only ONE non – British Nepalese (other than Ethnic background- Nepalese) allowed to play in a match or Playing XI. Their registration are only allowed during the first registration period. But, overseas players can only play if all teams have regular overseas player otherwise teams will have to play with Nepalese origin players only for fairness. This is essential to give fair chance to all participating teams without providing any advantage to an individual team during the league competition.

    *Teams or member’s identifying flouting this rule during the registration process or season will be subjected to immediate expulsion from the league.

  1. Players transfer from one club to another club is allowed during the registration process however, there must be mutual consent in between the player and his/her team captain. Players are not allowed to transfer in between teams once they  have played at least 4 matches from a team in a season. Any irregularities will be subject to disciplinary action and lead to stated penalties or expulsions.
  1. Only confirmed teams with minimum of 14 players are allowed to register into the league. This is to ensure the fair conduct of the game and to ensure the league fixtures are managed effectively. Otherwise, this may cause cancellation of fixtures, fines for ground fees, team expulsions and league disruptions, etc. 
  2. Teams failing to complete the fixtures need to pay for the ground fees and umpire costs, and remaining league fixtures if expelled from league on disciplinary or repetitive fixtures cancellation offences. 
  3.  All players need to submit following during the registration process.

    – Copy of a valid ID i.e. a passport or driving license.


           League’s membership form with contact details and marketing preferences.

          No players are eligible to register without the above documents.

       12.No players are allowed to play directly in the Semi-finals and Final.(See more details in players playing rules section also)

       13. BGCL representative side will only be formed of players playing in the league only. Players need to play minimum 4 matches (for 7 and more participants teams) to be qualified for batting/bowling averages and for representative side selection. Representative side will also be formed of players who gives BGCL’s games a priority as per Institutions guidance.

        14. British Nepalese players who are deployed overseas on Military operations and commitments, can take part in the league but are not allowed to play directly in the Final.

15. Players from other grassroot leagues in the UK and Overseas where BGCL registered players are not allowed to play will not be allowed to be registered and play in the BGCL from season 2023 onwards until further notice. Respective league constitutions will be checked to these conditions. If BGCL admin team cannot identify such provisions on their websites, then it will be decided as not allowed rule.

16. No overseas players are allowed to register or play until further notice. This rule is implemented as not all teams are allowed or have links to strong overseas players (i.e., non-Nepalese players). Army teams can still use up to 1 non-Nepalese commissioned officer in their playing XI if from the same cap badge.

17. No players will be allowed to play directly in the Final even if they have been registered by the teams initially. Player’s rotation is team captains’ responsibility and league administration will not be responsible for any points deduction if this rule is not followed. However, this rule will not be applicable for armed forces and emergency services players.

18. Players will be banned for 2 matches (also can carry over to next season) if they do not commit to BGCL fixtures including Hampshire T20 slam, MCC and NACC fixtures. Teams who are unable to send selected players will be fined £250. This rule is exempt only if players have work/employment and family related commitments. Conflicting events are teams and players own responsibility and should be aware of fines and match ban consequences. League will pursue fines and penalties where necessary through legal routes.

19. New teams need to submit the ground nominations at the time of registration, grounds should be in vicinity of North Hampshire locations. New teams should be able to cover expenses of their grounds during match days. 

20. Professional players* will not be allowed to play in the BGCL regardless of any Nationality status including Nepalese. They will be invited to play in the national level league representative games if needed (or in National competitions if their rules allowed).

***Professional players are contracted senior National team (over 19 years old) players and/or professionally contracted player of an overseas franchise league and competitions, etc.

*Nepal Senior National cricket team players (former or current players of above 19 years old) and who have been the part of List A games in the last 3 years. This also includes any current List A players from other overseas countries (Nepal does not have a List A format games yet).