Disciplinary Code

This shall apply at or to all BGCL’s divisions and other Matches.

For the purpose of taking suitable actions, the Disciplinary Code now include 2 separate parts. First part covers and addresses the league’s “Anti- Bullying and Abuse Policy” and Second part will covers the actions “Certain conducts against the Laws of Cricket and/or the Spirit of Cricket”. They are as follows;

Part 1

Anti-Bullying and Abuse Policy

The British Gorkhali Cricket League is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment to all our players so that they can play, in a relaxed and secure way. Bullying and Abuse of any kind is unacceptable in our league.  All players and members in the league have the right to play cricket in an atmosphere that is free from victimisation, abuse and fear during matches on grounds and during their normal hours at home, etc.

This BGCL is committed to this intent and seeks to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, the prevention of all forms of bullying among members. Abuse and Bullying is the use of behaviour with the intention of hurting another person either physically or emotionally.

 Bullying or Abuse can take many forms:

  • Emotional: being unfriendly, excluding people, tormenting (e.g. hiding kit), showing inappropriate behaviours and actions during matches
  • Physical: pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence
  • Racist: racial taunts, gestures or graffiti
  • Sexual: unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments
  • Homophobic: because of, or focusing on, the issue of sexuality
  • Verbal: name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours and teasing
  • Cyber: bullying or abuse behaviour online or via electronic communication (email, text, social media). Misuse of associated technology, such as camera and video facilities.

Responding to Bullying

No one should be a victim of bullying or abuse of any forms. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. As a league, we have a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively, to issues of bullying and abuse.


  • All adults should have an understanding of what bullying and abuse is and follow the stated procedures to report such issues.
  • All individual clubs should have and know what the Club policies on bullying and what they should do if bullying or abuse arises by someone or clubs, etc.

    • As a league, we take bullying and abuse seriously. All members can be assured that they will be supported if bullying or abuse is reported.
    • In most cases, any reported cases will be first discussed by the league admin team to see if it can be dealt accordingly. In terms of repetitive or serious cases where league team cannot deal with the issues then it will be referred to independent league committee board for further actions.
    • In worst or severe cases, the issues will be reported to relevant County Cricket Board.

    Signs and Symptoms

    League admin should be aware of signs and investigate if a young player or member:

    • Has unexplained injuries or bruises
    • Changes their usual routine, stops eating, etc.
    • Is unwilling to go to the Club or Play a Game
    • Becomes withdrawn, anxious or lacking in confidence
    • Has possessions which are damaged or go missing
    • Is frightened to say what’s wrong
    • Sudden loss of friends
    • Has difficulty sleeping or has nightmares
    • Being forced or requested to take part in any kind of actions against the league’s integrity and reputation
    • Using language or behaviour that is obscene, offensive or insulting and/or the making of an obscene gesture (in and out of grounds in any forms)
    • Acts in an unauthorized way
    • Give improbable excuses to above.

    These signs and behaviours could indicate other problems, but bullying or abuse could be a possibility and should be investigated if given with a proper log of events or reports.


    • League Secretary should be informed by the Team captains or admin of who will inform and invite to a meeting to discuss the problem.
    • If necessary, and appropriate, the local constabulary can be consulted and informed in case of a life threatening or serious concerns.
    • Bullying behaviour will be investigated timeously to ensure that the bullying is stopped as quickly as possible.

    If the priority Consequences Where bullying becomes persistent or violent and interventions are not successful, firmer action may have to be taken by the Independent Disciplinary Committee members or the relevant County Cricket Board.

Part 2

Certain conduct, whether on or off the field of play of play, amounting to a breach of the Laws of Cricket and/or the Spirit of Cricket have been categorised into 4 levels which are set out below:

Level 1

  • Time wasting by either the fielding side or the batting side.
  • Abuse of the cricket ground, equipment or fixtures.
  • Showing dissent at an umpire’s decision by word or action.
  • Using language or behaviour that is obscene, offensive or insulting and/or the making of an obscene gesture.
  • Excessive appealing.

Level 2

  • Showing serious dissent at an umpire’s decision by word or action.
  • Inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players in the course of play.
  • Charging or advancing towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing.
  • Deliberate and malicious distraction or obstruction on the field of play, regardless as to whether such conduct is deemed to be fair under Law 42.5.
  • Throwing the ball at or near a player, umpire or official in an inappropriate and dangerous manner.
  • Using language or gesture that is obscene or of a serious insulting nature to another player, umpire, team official or spectator.
  • Changing the condition of the ball other than as permitted by Law 42.3.
  • The bowling of fast short pitched balls that result in the bowler being disallowed from bowling further in that innings.
  • Causing avoidable damage to the pitch contrary to Laws 42.13 and/or Law 42.14 that results in a five run penalty being awarded.

Level 3

  • Intimidating an umpire or referee.
  • Threatening to assault another player, team official or spectator.
  • Using language or gesture that offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify another person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.
  • The deliberate bowling of any high full-pitched ball contrary to Law 42.8

Level 4

  • Threatening an umpire or referee.
  • Physical assault of another player, umpire, referee, official or spectator.
  • Any act of violence on the field of play.
  • Using language or gestures that seriously offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify another person on the basis of that person’s religion, sexual orientation, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.


The following is a guide to the penalties recommended for each level of breaches:-

  • Level 1 – Formal Warning, Suspension for 1-2 matches
  • Level 2 – Suspension for 2 to 3 matches 
  • Level 3 – Suspension for 4 to10 matches 
  • Level 4 – Suspension for a minimum of 10 matches or Expulsion from the League permanently.

Following will be taken into account when considering the suspension to impose:-

  • If the player has pleaded guilty
  • The players previous discipline record
  • If the player is also the captain
  • The conduct of the player subsequent to him being warned and told that he will be reported
  • Umpires and Team Captains feedback.

Captains who fail to control their players after being requested to do so by the umpires or after cautions/warnings have been given to one or more of their players may be given a warning and/or a suspension by the Admin team. 

The Admin team may also deduct points from clubs and fine clubs whose player(s) have been guilty of breaches of discipline. Players and teams may also be fined.

League Fees, Fines and Other Charges


New club entry fee

£250 (subjected to change)

League Match Fees

£10 per player (subjected to change)

AFCO umpires

£65 for one

£90 for Two

Community umpires

Depends on Experience

Match Balls


League Membership fee


Playing a national team player (Nepal or other countries senior appearances) at league and play offs

Not Allowed, Team to lose the match

League Insurance


Failure to fulfil a fixture other than due to bad weather (All Matches)

-Absent team will pay the full amount of pitch (ground) booked and umpires (if allocated). 

– Absent team to have -2 penalty points

-Other team will get win points

– If the fines not fulfilled (in 72 hrs) then not allowed for next fixture and potential expulsion.

Lunch (not included Water costs, provided by the club facility or teams own budget)

£45 per Match

Playing a non-registered player

£20 (if not registered at least 48 hours before the match), 1 Penalty Points

Playing or amending overseas player out of registration window

-Immediate expulsions

-1 Penalty points

Abuse and Bullying

First offence – Warning or Level 1-2 Penalties

Repetitive Offence – Level 4 Penalty or expulsion with no return. May involve Disciplinary board members also.

Failure to update individual club website by end of Feb i.e. players and team registrations mainly


Teams failure to update full scoresheet/scorecard within 72 hours (Wednesday) after the Match

£20 or 1 points penalty from the league table

Appeal Fee


Walking out or refusing to complete a match

-2 penalty points

-Team walking out to cover ground/pitch  booking fee, if not then expulsion from the BGCL

Non-attendance at General Meetings (at least 1 representative from each teams needed)


Failure to pay the match fees for the team within 72 hrs of the match completion day

Formal Smalls claims court orders to be issued for costs recovery if required, penalty 1 points or caution for first offence.