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The provisions for a Competitive Cricket League starts shaping up when National Cricket Team of Nepal visited UK in 2018.

Since 2013-14, Cricket build up had been in progress in the UK amongst various teams made up of British Nepalese players from local communities and Brigade of Gurkhas regiments. Teams were informally playing with each other on friendly basis until the successful launch of Nepal T20 competition based in Reading. The game had got more exposure when the Nepalese National Cricket Team visited the T20 competition in 2018. Credits goes to Mr Prashant Kunwar who helped facilitate the team and players in the UK on numerous occasions.

Hence, the teams made a request to each others to start forming a 40-50 overs format game. After discussion, few members agreed to run a test project to run such league between 4 teams initially in 2020 which was successfully executed despite of COVID-19 restrictions, etc. However, it was identified that the league needs to be run at a competitive level in affiliation with the institutions to protect the players interest and to ensure it is run as per latest England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) guidance, etc. This was essential to treat the game and individual players equally without any unreasonable obstructions or interference, etc.  

Hence, Mr Gam Gurung got in touch with the Hampshire Cricket Board (HCB) because the main teams and players are located to form this league officially. Not only the HCB but the league initiative was also supported by the National Asian Cricket Council (NACC) stand as the ECB’s key advisory body for the South Asian Cricket Community in England and Wales. Along the way, the league got support from Berkshire Cricket Foundation also who also kindly offered the help. Hence, the British Gorkhali Cricket League (BGCL) finally found a foundation for the British Nepalese Cricketers in the UK and ready to launch in 2021 officially at a competitive level.

Nepal National Cricket Team at Nepal CUP T20,2018 at Reading

BGCL games are Sunday based 40 overs format that are played in White Jerseys and traditional red ball. We also try to hire community umpires or ACO’s umpires when the situation allows. The games also consist of powerplay formats, etc.

BGCL’s representative side also play against institutions advised side during a season as part of collaboration project work which help us in development. As part of affiliation, we also get invitation to join the Club Cricket Conference’s Sovereign Cup Trophy competition alongside  other major league in the Country.

However, the eligibility rules for the representative side selection depends on the exhibition games rules and regulations. Some competitions have their own rules to qualify and only give preferences to players who prioritise the league games throughout a season. 

@Credit and source -Lord's Cricket Ground YouTube channel. Nepal vs MCC in 2016 at Lords, facilitated by Mr Prashant Kunwar.

Our team captains

Tara Bikram
Kishore Gurung
Subash Pun
Bidan Gurung
Om Raj
Ananda Gurung
Subash Gurung
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Playing Facilities

Dogmersfield Cricket Ground
Chatter Alley
RG27 8SS

Aldershot Cricket Club
Guildford Road
GU12 4BP

Reading Cricket Club
Sonning Lane